What they are saying about Mumasa Style

After the workshop, and seeing the benefits of Mumasa Style, I decided to practise it and it seems like a marvel. It helps my body wake up in the morning. My body feels more free, with more movement, it is like all the energy is unified and my feeling is that I am more connected to Life. I feel more vital, it seems to prepare me for the action of the day.

Rosa, 57Diploma in Social Work

I'm practising it a lot every day and it's fantastic. While practising, I feel how my body wakes up, cleans, turns on and activates, becomes light and with all its energy in circulation. When I finish the practice, I am in a current of action in movement and I feel in unity with my body.

Sigrid, 43Somatic researcher of movement, voice and performing arts; Technical architect

After doing them I feel mental clarity, my body full of life and energy in movement that I am. Doing it in a group is a great tool to motivate and facilitate the activity.

Maialen, 36Bachelor of Psychology, trained in Characterology in movement / Body psychotherapy

I am practising with the Mumasa Style and I feel very Awake and with a lot of Presence. From this state I feel my body, my Being, Life, from a place full of joy and gratitude for everything that happens in my daily life. Thank you!

Mentxu Arjonilla, 49Biodanza Facilitator, Reiki Master, Integrative Method Therapist

The first day it was very difficult, it seemed imposible to align my feet. At the end of the practice they were almost totally aligned and on the second day they lined up practically without effort. Also, my lower back pain improved. I feel like I have found new points of support. It improved my sleep. I feel it's a very complete work and I'm very happy.

Gisele, 33Actress and Singer

By practising the Movement of the sacrum, all the lower part of my back was released. I did not feel matter in that part of my body, only lightness and fluidity. On the second day of practising the exercises I noticed that it was much easier for me to practise them in comparison to the day before. A foot posture in one of the exercises that I found difficult to maintain on the first day, after the practice of the second day, I could easily maintain it.

Maider, 35Bachelor of Humanities, Dramatic Arts

I recommend practising the Mumasa Style. For me, it is the art of being fully perceived. A method that respects one’s own rhythm… it's easy, complete and safe. The more I practise, the healthier I am. Self-knowledge is the most direct path to Health. A gift.

Susana, 44Medical Doctor

For me, the MUMASA Style helps to balance the physical and psychic aspects of our body. It is to make it conscious and thus improve our life. The series of external Movements, leads to the interior to unblock the meridians, which are the channels through which organs are accessed and these to the muscles, tendons, bones, the different systems (nervous, lymphatic, circulatory…) and these transport information even to the cells !!!
The energy starts, regenerates and increases by raising serotonin and the will to live. When we feel good, with that kind of energy everything works better! even everyday bumps are solved more easily, we are able to make more accurate decisions and be more assertive.
The MUMASA Style is something that should be tried, something that should be felt, known and experienced for oneself.

Violeta, 58 Specialist in Integrative Ayurveda, Tai Ji and Yoga