Mumasa Style

Mumasa Style is a series of 21 Movements based on yoga, tai chi, chi kung, etc., accompanied by self massage, in which the energy meridians are integrated in the majority of the Movements. Mumasa Style brings forth transformation and change. It is a life changer.

Mumasa Style is suitable for all ages and physical conditions. You can easily adapt the Movements to your personal circumstances.

For babies and children, Mumasa Style is a healthy, fun and delightful game.

It can be done with whomever you choose: alone, with a partner, or in a group.

And wherever you choose: you can enjoy Mumasa Style in your home, at the gym, in nature, on a massage table, etc.

Mumasa Style serves as a lighthouse:

Shining an orientation focus that guides your safe Return Home

The book Mumasa Style

Small in size and yet large in content, the Mumasa Style book is the ideal tool to practice the movements in your favorite place. Add it to your Wellness Kit.