The Mumasa Team

Mudra Griebel is the channel through which the Movements were transmitted from the Creator. Currently (2018) she is 68 years young, is an Empath, holds a Diploma in Nursing, a BSc. in Nursing, Cum Laude, and has held a teaching position at The University Hospital School of Nursing in Edmonton, Alberta, (Canada).

In 1978, her voyage into the study and practice of various methods of natural healing and disease prevention began with: Breathing Techniques, Bio-feedback, Yoga, Nutrition, Fasting, Re-evaluation Co-Counseling, Rebirthing (in California), Death and Dying, Meditation and Groups with Osho in Poona (India), Massage (Shiatsu, Acupressure, Polarity, Lymph Drainage, Foot Reflexology, etc…), Tai-chi, Body Alignment with Posture and Movement, Herbs, Chakra System, Bach Flowers, Aurasoma, Aromatherapy, Energy Meridians, Touch for Health (in London), Affirmations, Native American Indian Wisdom with Swiftdeer, Sound and Silence, Oriental Dance, Colors, Crystals, Inner Vision with Ioanna Salajan and Individual Sessions with The Guide (Tony Ives, in Ibiza), Biomagnetism and Auricular Acupuncture and Tama-Do (Sound and Color Healing with Fabien Maman).

Since 1997, Mudra works both personally and professionally with MAP (The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program), has experienced Living on Light (Jasmuheen), and is a Reiki Master. Through the lens of Love and with the focus on unblocking the body/mind/spirit connection and flow, postural re-education and personal integration, she has created a unique massage therapy, which aims to return you back to yourSelf; back to who you Really are: light, love, joy, peace, beauty and healing energy. In 2014, together with M.V. Pirenne, she translated The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology, by Sun Bear and Wabun, into Spanish. At the present time, Mudra practises the Five Mindfulness Trainings (Thich Nhat Hanh) and is a student of The Course in Miracles.


M.V. Pirenne, collaborated in capturing and transforming the Movements into the written Word. She is a Story Teller, an actress specializing in children’s theatre and a trainer in the ALOHA Mental Arithmetic method. Together with Mudra, she translated The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology, by Sun Bear and Wabun, into Spanish. M.V. Pirenne is the autor of Frère: Adoptar una vida, Siwared Storiadd and Un Sueño con 4 Patas.


Ramón Consul, Photographer and Graphic Designer, performed the magic of capturing the Movements in images and, subsequently, created the ideal format for the book.